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Medcosa Eye Ice Pack | Cool & Soothe Your Tired Eyes with Our Cold Gel Mask | Cooling Pain Relief for Puffy Eyes, Aiding Migraines & Aiding Sleeping

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Medcosa Eye Ice Pack

The Medcosa Eye Ice Pack is the perfect way to combat puffy eyes, migraines & to help you sleep. It features an innovative reversible design, applying cooling pressure that gives immediate pain relief when you need it most. 

 ?? Effective pain relief

 ?? Dark, tranquil environment that helps you relax

 ?? For best results rotate wraps from the freezer 

 ?? Soothes puffiness, migraines & aids sleeping

 ?? Focused cold therapy

 ?? For those suffering from post-op surgeries & common conditions, including: stress, tension, sinus pressure, cluster headaches, migraines, dry eyes, some sleep conditions, allergies, pressure point pains, anxiety and swelling.

 ?? Attractive aesthetic

 ?? Innovative reusable, reversible design

 ?? Made with liquid gel & premium PVC cover

 ?? Non-toxic & latex free

 ?? Flexible straight from the freezer or easily heated in the microwave 

 ?? Lasts up to 20 minutes 

 ?? Hand’s free & secure

 ?? 2 Year Warranty 

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