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Medcosa Face Mask | Feel Fresh Faced Every Day | Cooling Ice Pack for Women & Men | Perfect for Revitalising Skin, Migraine Relief & Post-Operation Recovery

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Medcosa Face Mask

The perfect way to revitalise skin, relieve migraines & post-operation recovery. The Medcosa Face Mask - helping you feel fresh faced every day! 

?? Contoured curved design for unrivaled comfort

?? Cold therapy compression

?? #1 Recommended skin improvement product by 12 beauty bloggers 

?? Ideal for: migraine, headache relief, swollen eyes, puffy eyes, dark circles, bags under eyes, muscle aches, acne rosacea, insect bites, sunburns, stress relief, injuries, post- surgical pain & burns, reduces swelling puffiness, pain caused by inflammation, muscle pain, spasm soreness, anxiety, restlessness, hangover

?? Perfect for post-surgery recovery: rhinoplasty, TMJ, wisdom teeth extraction, nasal & skin bruising

?? Safe, sterile analgesic that helps to reduce pain & speed your recovery

?? Flexible straight from the freezer

?? Soft, contoured material 

?? Covers the entirety of face

?? Durable, thick velcro strapping

?? Adjustable compression 

?? Rotate between wraps for continuous cooling 

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About Us 

We’ve sold 50k+ masks and our reviews speak for themselves. We love our customers, so when it comes to serving them, we hold nothing back. 

The bottom line? We’d love for you to join the Medcosa family and try out one of our premium masks yourself. 

Here’s to your health—and living your best life.