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Medcosa Female Ice Pack and Perineal Bottle Set | Reusable Perineal Cold Packs & Portable Bidet Spray Bottle for Postpartum Pain Relief, Perinatal Ice Therapy and Intimate Hygiene Support After Birth

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Are you a new mum looking to complete your postpartum recovery kit, or an expectant mama preparing your maternity hospital bag?

The Medcosa Female Ice Pack and Perineal Bottle Set includes the most important must haves for any new mum recovering from having her baby: 2 wipe-clean and one-size-fits-all freezable perineal ice packs for postpartum use, 2 washable stretchy Lycra styl ice pack covers, 1 postpartum cleansing bottle with extended nozzle, 2 angled and straight bottle bidet heads and 1 leakproof bottle cap.

Cold therapy is frequently used under medical advice to provide an instant numbing effect and support healing after delivery. Each Medcosa cold ice pack can be reused hundreds of times, and the gel is carefully formulated to ensure the pack remains flexible even when it's straight out of the freezer.

These perinatal ice packs feature a convenient tapered shape for comfort and discretion, and make a cost-effective alternative to products like disposable ice diapers, padsicles, perineal cooling pad liners and single-use postpartum ice pads for women after birth.

This post birth essentials kit also includes a small handheld bathroom peribottle which can be used as a feminine travel bidet bottle, perineal lavette irrigation bottle, and vaginal washer to replace taking a bath in the early stages of recovery.

To use the Medcosa pericare bottle, simply hold it upside down or at an angle. Gently squeeze to squirt a steady stream of warm water onto the vagina, bottom or anywhere on the perineum. This will help to wash the area and prevent or soothe irritation.

Medcosa postpartum ice packs and peri bottles can be used by both men and women to support personal hygiene and ease any kind of discomfort in the perineal area, including hemorrhoid pain or soreness caused by a hysterectomy. Our peri spray bottles are also ideal for anyone experiencing reduced mobility caused by a caesarean section or other medical procedure.