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Medcosa Flexible Sport Ice Pack | Any Ache, Any Pain, Weve Got You Covered | Cold Reusable Wraps with Flexible Straps | Ideal for Sport Injuries, R.I.C.E Treatment & Scrapes

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Medcosa sportIce Pack 

Our Medcosa sportIce Pack is the ideal option for all bumps & bruises, sprains & strains providing target pain relief whenever & wherever you need it. 

?? sportice pack

?? With a velcro strap for targeted cold therapy

?? Compress as needed

?? Suits most body parts

?? Acute and chronic pain, sore muscles, joint stiffness, inflammation, swelling, and injury recovery

?? Instant pain relief

?? Stays cold longer

?? Cold therapy for years to come

?? Flexible when frozen, smart squishy flex

?? Hot & cold therapy

?? High quality for long-lasting relief

?? Extra small bag to prevent food smell

?? For men & women

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About Us 

We’ve sold 50k+ gel packs and our reviews speak for themselves. We love our customers, so when it comes to serving them, we hold nothing back. Medcosa gel packs always ship free, globally.

The bottom line? We’d love for you to join the Medcosa family and try out one of our premium gel packs yourself.

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