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Medcosa Gel Sock Ice Pack | Hot Cold Therapy That Chills Your Feet & Toasts Your Toes | Ice Cooling Treatment for Arthritis, Plantar Fasciitis, & Neuropathy

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Medcosa Gel Sock Ice Pack

Cool down with the Medcosa Gel Sock Ice Pack the perfect way to chill, relax and soothe foot injuries, combat arthritis & neuropathy. The flexible dual pack customization enables colling pressure that targets soreness for immediate relief when you need it most. 

Key Features & Details 

?? Continuous hot or Cold therapy to alleviate overall discomfort

?? Uses proprietary gel technology

?? Ideal first response for Arthritis & Neuropathy; provides fast relief against inflammation; soothes swollen tissues; numbs swelling

?? Suitable for those recovering post-op, or suffering from sprains or strains of the arch or ball of foot, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, neuropathy, muscles and tendon fatigue, achilles tendon & gout

?? Frequently used during chemo & pregnancy

?? Dual pack customization 

?? Soft, stretchy, breathable spandex

?? Targets the front and back of your foot for complete 360 degrees coverage

?? Flexible when ice cold

?? Gradual temperature release 

?? Sting-free

?? Reusable and changeable 

?? Provides Relief in 20 minutes 

?? Durable fleecy cuffed-nylon & spandex for quick adjustment 

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About Us 

We’ve sold 50k+ gel packs and our reviews speak for themselves. We love our customers, so when it comes to serving them, we hold nothing back. Medcosa gel packs always ship free, globally.

The bottom line? We’d love for you to join the Medcosa family and try out one of our premium gel packs yourself.

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