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Medcosa Shoulder Compression Ice Pack | Pump it Up with Our Rotator Cuff Cold Therapy Wrap | Compress Yourself for Effective Pain Relief

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Medcosa Shoulder Compression Ice Pack

The Medcosa Shoulder Compression Ice Pack offers customizable compression and focused mobile hot and cold therapy for targeting pain relief when you need it most.

Key Features & Details 

?? Hot & cold therapy ideal for R.I.C.E. treatment

?? First response for fresh injuries; provides fast relief against inflammation; soothes swollen tissues; numbs swelling

?? Suitable for those recovering post-op, or physical injuries like tendonitis, arthritis, muscle damage, impingement, bursitis & rotator cuff tears

?? Large internal air bladder system

?? Soft, stretchy, breathable neoprene support straps

?? Gel packs contour around your shoulders, bicep, tricep, & across your neck

?? Can be used on either arm for men and women

?? Flexible when ice cold

?? Gradual temperature release 

?? Sting-free

?? Washable & reusable

?? Leakproof & latex free

?? Hands-free and stays in place

?? No itching or sweating, thin layer of clothing is recommended

?? Fits 36-48" chest sizes 

?? Larger fit? We'll send you a free extension upon request

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